IOE's 1.8m Solar Telescope Aquires the High-Resolution Observations of Rapid Evolution in Solar Active Area

Recently, the research group of solar atmosphere high resolution detection technology led by RAO ChangHui, vice director and researcher of IOE, has obtained the high-resolution observation results of rapid evolution in the solar active area through 1.8m solar telescope. This is another major progress following the success of the first light of 1.8-meter solar telescope on December 10, 2019, which means the telescope can provide independent and high-quality data for solar storm forecast applications and solar physics frontier exploration.

After the first light of 1.8-meter solar telescope, researchers try their best to improve the system performance, they carry out observation experiments despite the bad air condition in ChengDu. On April 28, 2020, they obtained the near-diffraction limit resolution observation results of the solar atmospheric photosphere and chromospheres. 


Figure 1. The near-diffraction limit observation results of the solar atmospheric light sphere (left) and color sphere (right) observed by 1.8-meter solar telescope. 

On April 30, 2020, researchers tracked and observed AR12760 in solar active area, and the target was a negative sunspot in this area. Finally, they obtained high-resolution observation data of more than an hour (07:53-09:01 UT). 

Figure 2. Evolution image of the solar active area AR12760 (1 hour change). 

With the arrival of the 25th solar activity week, solar activity is bound to become more frequent, and the impact on space weather will also become more prominent. In future, the 1.8m solar telescope will be equipped with solar high-resolution velocity field and magnetic field detection instruments to fully exploit the potential of this system, and make important contributions to high-resolution detection of the solar atmosphere. 


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