Global Recruitment of High-level Talents

Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOE, CAS) is the largest Institute of CAS in Southwest, located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which is the economic, cultural and transportation center of Western China.
I.        Frontier Research Department
The Frontier Research Department of IOE is an "Academic Special Zone", which is setup for implementing CAS's "Pioneer Initiative" and enhancing the innovation abilities of IOE.
Recruitment Area
The Frontier Research Department is based on existing dominant disciplines and technology platforms in IOE, CAS. It will involve many subjects such as optoelectronic science and technology, precision machinery and instruments, intelligent science and engineering, information and systems engineering, computer science and technology, biomedical engineering, materials science and technology, miro/nano optics and micro mechanical etc. The main research areas include: 
a)   Intelligent Theory and Intelligent Control Theory;
b) Scientific Principles and Methods of Ultra Precision Optics and Mechanics
c)   Electromagnetic Theory
d) Flexible Optoelectronic Devices and Systems
e) Biological and Electronic Science and Technology
f) Transient Materials and Devices
g) Deep Sea Detection Technology Theory and Method
h) Micro/ Nano and Quantum Technology
i)  Basic Theory of Complex Field and Wave
j)  Cross Fields of Big Data, Information Science and Biological Sciences.
Recruitment Objects
a)      Leading Scientist
The applicant must meet one of the following requirements. The approved candidates should lead the research team to solve major frontier scientific problems, make world-class achievements and train young scholars to be the next generation leading scientists.
ü   Well-known Professor of World-class University
ü   Changjiang Scholar
ü   National Natural Science Foundation of China for Distinguished Young Scholars
ü   Chief Scientist for 973 Program or National Major Project
ü   National “Thousand Talent Program”
b)      Outstanding Young Talents
The applicant must meet one of the following requirements. The approved candidates should have good team spirit and leading ability, and can bring up the research team to be famous in related fields.
ü   National “Thousand Talent Program”;
ü   Outstanding Youth of National Natural Science Foundation of China;
ü   CAS Special Prize of President Scholarship;
ü   Winner of National Hundred Excellent Doctoral Thesis or CAS Hundred Excellent Doctoral Thesis
c)      Excellent Young Talents
The applicant must be under 40 and meet one of the following requirements.
ü   A PhD from a prestigious university or institution, and have more than three years of research experience abroad;
ü   Take a formal teaching or research post in a prestigious overseas university, research institute or R&D department of a famous enterprise before returning to China.
d)      Excellent Graduates
The applicant must meet one of the following requirements.
ü   Winner of CAS Outstanding Prize of President Scholarship
ü   Excellent Post Doctoral Graduates;
ü   Excellent Doctoral Graduates.
II.       New Technology Laboratory
In order to implement national "Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation" development strategy, boost scientific research conversion and enhance technology marketability, IOE is setting up the New Technology Laboratory as a "Technology Special Zone".
Recruitment area
The New Technology Laboratory is based on existing dominant disciplines and technology platforms of IOE. It will focus on national economic development need and carry out innovation and industrialization research of optoelectronic engineering technology. The main researches include:
a)      Aerospace Equipment
b)      Optoelectronic Equipment for Range
c)      Micro Electronic Equipment
d)      Laser Radar
e)      Large Aperture Optical Componentsf)       Micro/nano Sensor
g)      Other Optoelectronic Products with Market Prospects
Recruiting Positions
a)      Technical innovation PI
The approved candidates should master core technologies and lead the team to make world-class technological achievements.
b)      Engineering and industrialization PI
The approved candidates should master core technologies and lead the team to develop products based on the advanced technology and market requirements, and eventually realizing industrialization.
How to apply
Please send your CV and reference letters by email to Ms. TANGor Mr. Chen. Your CV should include basic personal information, education and work experience, research areas, research grants and projects, publications, and any other relevant information. Short listed candidates will be invited for an interview, the time and date of which is subject to further notices.
Salary and treatment are negotiable and commensurate with experience.
Contact Information
Ms. TANG Tel: +086-028-85100016 Email:
Mr. CHEN Tel: +086-028-85100348 Email:
Closing date 
31,Dec, 2016 is preferred.



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