The State Key Lab of Beam Control for 863 Program

Scientific achievements

Since 1980s, the laboratory has made research on laser beam control technology completely and systematically. The State Key Laboratory of Beam Control for 863 Program was founded on the basis of powerful technology and rich experience. The lab has obtained multiple significant achievements in the field of beam control, and was awarded 1 special-grade prize and 5 first-grade prizes of national ministry/commission and CAS scientific and technological progress, as well as 2 second-grade prizes and 1 third-grade prize of national scientific and technological progress. It follows that the lab has led in the beam control technology at home..

The Micro-electronic Optical Equipment Lab

Scientific Research Achievements

The lab has accomplished 11 national and CAS key scientific and technological projects, such as 1.5~2mm practical step-and-repeat projection exposure system, 0.8~1mm step-and-repeat projection exposure system, 0.7~0.8mm i-line projection exposure system, key unit technologies for 0.35mm projection stepper, et al. The lab has won 2 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, 1 National Prize for New Product and 10 CAS, Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards. The lab has been awarded more than 40 patents.

The State Key Laboratory of Adaptive Optics for 863 Program /The Adaptive Optics Laboratory

Scientific Research Achievements

The lab has succeed in developing many adaptive optical systems, such as 19-element, 21-element, 37-element and 61-element adaptive optical systems, and applying to some key projects of national 863 program (such as ICF, atmospheric laser transmission correction, retinal imaging for human-eye examination and so on) and other important scientific engineering projects. These achievements indicate that China has totally mastered the adaptive optical technology.

Under the support of national 863 Program, the lab optimizes its research fields and determines its advantageous fields. In recent years, the lab has made many advanced research achievements. Since 1993, the lab has won 13 high-grade awards, including 3 second-grade and 3 third-grade awards of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 1 special-grade and 5 first-grade awards of CAS Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and 1 first-grade award of ministry-level prize for progress in Science and technology. The lab applied for 9 patents and 2 of them were authorized from 1996 to 1999. The lab has unique advantages in the research fields of adaptive optics, active optics and nano-level microactuation positioning technology and is a leading domestic lab and an international important lab of adaptive optics. The lab has complete adaptive optics technologies covering components to total system and applies these technologies to astronomical observation, ICF, atmospheric transmission correction and so on. The lab is named as "the largest research community in adaptive optics in the world" by the abroad colleagues.

The Thin-film Optics Laboratory

Scientific Research Achievements

Under the support of 863 Program, CAS's KIP and other national important projects, the lab has made some important technical innovative achievements. For example, the lab firstly developed the planetary fixture of ion beam sputtering system and firstly succeeded in applying ion beam sputtering technology to manufacture thin film components with large area, high reflectivity, high damage threshold, low aberration and low absorption.

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