Sichuan Corder (Group) Co. Ltd

In order to promote transformation of technical achievements, the Corder Group Co. was constructed under the supervision of the Institute of Optics and Electronics. The Corder Group is devoted to developing, producing, marketing and serving of new based-high-technology products. The Corder Group Co. has capabilities and infrastructures used for developing, in batches, optoelectronic sensing products, such as laser graduation equipment, operation microscope, linear encoder, rotary encoder, absolute encoder, precision disk graduation stage , angle and length measurement instrument ,encoding disk inspection table, height gage, precision digital rotary table, digital length gage, digital readout, distance-to-go controller, etc.

Particularly, microscopes applied to surgery operation are developed independently, and its performance and quality are at international level and domestic leading, and annual marketing quantity is approximately 100 sets. The production and marketing of many products, such as refrigerating air-conditioner, jewelry magnifying lens, examination series, changing color and tempering lens and all kinds of optical components are developing stably.

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