The 5th Laborotary (The Opto-Electronic Detection and Signal Processing Lab)

The Opto-Electronic Detection and Signal Processing Lab is dedicated to the following research fields: opto-electronic detecting, image tracking and measuring, high-speed real-time processing of digital video images, multi-target recognition, tracking and measurement.The lab has 1 doctoral degree program of optical engineering, 2 master degree programs of signal and information processing and physical electronics, and 1 post-doctoral program of optical engineering. The lab has brought up 2 doctors and 11 masters and accomplished 1 post-doctoral program.

The lab consists of 5 research teams: image processing team, DSP team, opto-electronic detecting team, graduate student team and electric apparatus team.

The featured and advantageous technologies include dim and small target detection, high frame frequency and precision measuring, developing technology for high-speed multifunctional processing platform, embedded and modularized digital processing unit technology, high-speed lossless recording technology for digital image, real-time simulation technology for digital image and real-time algorithm simulation technology.

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