The State Key Laboratory of Adaptive Optics for 863 Program /The Adaptive Optics Laboratory

Insisting on the guideline of “opening and cooperation”, the lab carries on various academic exchanges, especially in the civil fields such as astronomical and ophthalmological adaptive optics. 52 papers and 11 papers were published in journals and at international conferences, respectively. The lab keeps frequently academic exchanges and good cooperations with the Anhui Institute of optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of CAS, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, Beijing Astronomical Observatory of CAS, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory of CAS and China Academy of Engineering Physics. Every year the lab selects 2~3 scientific researchers to participate international conferences hold by SPIE, ICO and so on, and sends some researchers to attend in advanced abroad studies to learn the newest developments in the field of adaptive optics. The lab often invites abroad and domestic famous experts to give lectures and carry cooperative researches. With above advantageous cooperation, the lab has won important innovative achievements and breakthroughs.

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