The Micro-electronic Optical Equipment Lab

With the continuous technology innovation and breakthrough, the lab has recently developed Model URE-2000 UV Mask Aligner series, such as mask aligner for i-line deep lithography and for single/double sided deep lithography. These mask aligner series are featured in deep lithography and have outstanding function and wide usage in the fields of micro-electronics, micro-optics, micro-mechanics, opto-electronics, quasi-LIGA and acoustic-surface wave devices, deep lithography devices and so on.

Under the support of CAS KIP, the lab develops the first biochip inspecting equipment in China and manufactures related products, such as Laser Confocal Scanner, CCD biochip testor, etc. In this field, the lab owns several innovative achievements and patents, thus making China’s whole biochip research and development reach international advanced level. Now the lab is to commercialize these research achievements and manufacture related products in small batch.

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