URE-2000/25 Mask Aligner for i-Line Deep Lithography

Due to application of unique technologies ,QC and technical services URE-2000/25 Mask Aligner for i-Line Deep Lithography developed by IOE, is well operated in many research centers, universities and micro fabrication workshops at home and abroad.

URE-2000/25 Mask Aligner for i-Line Deep Lithography, based on the technologies of automatic leveling and focusing by ball-bearing air-float and alignment by high magnification binocular microscope, is of particular advantage for deep lithography exposure in both time-setting and dose-setting mode. The optical system adopts a big wrap angle ellipsoidal mirror made of high reflectivity optical glass with high i-line transmittance with the help of special coating technology to raise exposure dosage. In addition, some advanced technologies such as gradient enhancement by small condensation angle, refraction smoothing by fly lens in toy-brick arrangement to improve resolution are integrated in the system. The aligner is the ideal equipment with the advanced world level.

The equipment is characterized by high resolution, accurate registration, sharp line, high aspect ratio and quick exposure, and is the new i-line fabrication equipment which can be used in several hundred micrometers deep lithography process. Batch products are sold to Korea, Singapore and domestic universities, colleges, research institutes and semiconductor manufacturers.

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