URE-2000S UV Mask Aligner for Single/double Sided Deep Lithography

Technical Features

Based on the URE-2000 UV Mask Aligner Series, CCD image base alignment technology and double exposure by single exposure lens are firstly used to URE-2000S UV Mask Aligner for Single/Double Sided Deep Lithography developed by IOE. Applications of many advanced technologies, such as high resolution CCD image base alignment, high accuracy and multi-freedom mask—wafer precision stage structure, make the mask-wafer alignment visible and overlay registration quick and high precision. Placement of mask and wafer on a push-and-pull board is conveniently implemented by means of vacuum adsorption.

Technical Specifications

Substrate size: 10mm×10mm-105mm×105mm

Resolution: 1.2µm

Mask size: 5 inch (single 2.5,3,4,5 inches)

Max resist thickness: 600µm (SU8 resist)

Align accuracy: 0.5µm

Illumination uniformity: ±3.5%

Stage movement: X: ±4mm Y: ±4mm

Exposure Area: ф110mm--ф110mm

Mercury lamp power: 500W (compatible1000W)

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