JQR-05G/L Robot for Salvaging Underwater Foreign Bodies

The robot is most suitable for application to the nuclear power stations because it has an integrated functions including crawling underwatervideo monitoring and salvaging underwater foreign bodies, and is particularly capable of salvaging underwater small foreign bodies by the combination of  underwater video vidicon with various manipulators. The robot system consists of an underwater crawling device, a video vidicon, a two-dimensional head, various manipulators, a tiny underwater suction pump/cleaning devicea controller, and a 30-m cable.

Specifications and applications

  • Operating underwater 25-m deepth, and a 30-m underwater cable
  • Crawling device (stainless steel)

Gradeability            30°

Motion             Omnidirectional

Speed (continuously adjustable)    09m/min

Six wheels driving

Load capacity           60kg

Net weight          About 17.5kg(excluding manipulators)

  • Video vidicon system

 Resolution of color vidicon    480 TV line

Sensitivity          0.7lux

White-to-back balance     Automatically

Zoom range of lens      12X, 18X, 27X (optional)

Fast manual/autonomous focus

Automatically adjusting light

Illumination lamp power     150W~250W( optional)

  • Underwater head ( stainless steel or aluminum alloy)

Rotation angle range  Azimuth     ±70°

Elevation     ±35°145°.

  • Manipulatoraluminum alloy):

Types (aptional)    4 junctions clamping

         2 junctions cleaning/suction pump

Weight of clamping foreign bodies    ≤1kg

Size of sucking foreign bodies     ≤M6×6 (screwnut and washer)

Other               Manipulator(dismountable)

                  Foreign bodies’ box(dismountable)

  • Resist boracic acid eroding and resist radiation
  • The robot is compactstable and flexible. It can enter and operate in some poisonous and radioactive pipe or environment.
  • Underwater operation environment

Temperature    050

Supply power    AC 220V 50Hz

Boracic acid solution

γ radiation dosage     102rad/h.

Notes: The image of Co60 experiment is clear when γ radiation dosage is less than 102 rad/h. The image will be interfered when γ radiation dosage is 102104 rad/h and the unrecovered damage for the video vidicon will exist when γ radiation dosage is higher than 6X104 rad/h.

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