Automatic Video Inspection System for Bolting Thread of Reactor Pressure container

Application and performances:

The equipment is suitable for auto-detection of thread surface defects in the bolting holes of the reactor pressure container by displaying video image. It can store digital image, and offer high-definition color images and data of each thread surface, which are regarded as the reference of maintenance and repairing. It can be also applied in auto-detection of deep hole surface under venomous environment. The equipment consists of a robot suitable for working in radiation range and a control cabinet. The robot and control cabinet are connected by a 30-m cable .

Main technical specifications:

Automatic inspection of bolt hole according to preset procedure or carry out manual operation of inspection at arbitrarily bolt hole, the system can reduce the radiation damages to personnel.

The robot has an ability of automatic positioning of the hole to be detected and manual positioning can also be implemented.

The system has a barrier protection unit and a light-alarm device

Capable of displaying with pictures and data and digital storage.

Capable of detecting bolt hole diameter : Φ130~180mm.

Capable of detecting bolt hole depth: ≤ 270mm (modification based on consumer’s need).

Detectable pitch of screw thread: T=4*MM.

Scanning velocity: multiple options.

Environment: Temperature 0ºC~50ºC, relative humidity 95%, γ dosage rate 102rad/h, power AC 220V, 50Hz.

(At present, there are two sets to be used in Daya Bay/Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant, and one set in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, phase II.)

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