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Wideband Vibrations Rejection of Tip-Tilt Mirror Using Error-Based Disturbance Observer

Title: Wideband Vibrations Rejection of Tip-Tilt Mirror Using Error-Based Disturbance Observer 

Author(s): Niu, SX (Niu, Shuaixu); Yang, T (Yang, Tao); Tang, T (Tang, Tao); Xu, TR (Xu, Tianrong); Ruan, Y (Ruan, Yong); Bao, QL (Bao, Qiliang) 

Source: IEEE ACCESS  Volume: 8  Pages: 5131-5138  DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2962808  Published: 2020   

Abstract: Vibration rejection is a key technology of practical engineering, especially in optical telescopes with a stable accuracy of urad level. The closed-loop performance of optical telescopes is largely determined by the control bandwidth, while it is severely limited by the low sampling rate and large time delay of the image sensor, so it is difficult to mitigate structural vibrations in optical telescopes, especially wideband vibrations, because they exist universally and greatly influence the stability of the system. This paper develops an improved error-based disturbance observer (EDOB) based on the Youla parameterization approach to mitigate wideband vibrations in optical telescopes. This novel method can greatly improve the vibration rejection ability of the system by designing a proper Q-filter to accommodate wideband vibrations when their frequencies can be acquired. Because wideband vibrations in optical telescopes can be considered as multiple narrow-band vibrations with similar central frequencies, a novel Q-filter instead of a single wideband notch filter is proposed to mitigate wideband vibrations when considering the stability and closed-loop performance of the system. Moreover, this method only relies on a low frequency model, leading to a reduction in model dependence. Both the simulations and experimental results show that the error-based disturbance observer based on Youla parameterization can greatly improve the closed-loop performance of the system compared with the traditional feedback control loop. 

ISSN: 2169-3536 

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