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The Aberration Corrected Grating Spectrometer Based on Adaptive Optics

Author(s): Zheng, LH (Zheng Lian-hui); Rao, CH (Rao Chang-hui); Gu, NT (Gu Nai-ting); Qiu, Q (Qiu Qi)
Source: SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS  Volume: 36  Issue: 12  Pages: 4088-4093  DOI: 10.3964/j.issn.1000-0593(2016)12-4088-06  Published: DEC 2016 
Abstract: To study the thermodynamics properties of the solar atmosphere with different height distribution, the imaging grating spectrometer with excellent image quality is one of the important tools to achieve this goal. However, the atmosphere turbulence can not be avoided for the imaging grating spectrometer installed in the ground-based solar telescope, and the imaging properties of the grating spectrometer will influenced by the wavefront aberration generalized by the atmosphere turbulence and the wavefront aberration generalized by the optical system adjusting errors and the optical element manufacturing errors. The atmospheric turbulence can be effectively compensated by the Adaptive Optics. To correct the wavefront aberrations of the optical system, a correction method based on Adaptive Optics is proposed, and the experiment validation is carried out to verify the feasibility of the method. The results demonstrate that the correction method proposed can effectively correct the wavefront aberration generalized by the atmosphere turbulence and the optical system aberration. The RMS value is roughly equal to 0.025 lambda after the Adaptive Optics correction. Besides, it has the virtue of lower the requirement of optical system adjusting errors and optical elements manufacturing errors.
IDS Number: EF8WV
ISSN: 1000-0593

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