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IOE’s Space-based Laser Communication Team Provides a Key Component Beidou-3 Network

Recently, the 49th Beidou navigation satellite has been successfully launched by long march 3B carrier rocket, which makes up the key step for Beidou-3 navigation satellite system project. There are 3 tilted geostationary orbit (IGSO) satellites in Beidou-3 system, they all carry a high-rail laser communication terminal developed by IOE. This means the beginning of high-rail multi satellite link space-based laser communication in China. 

The Beidou-3 series high-rail laser communication terminal developed by IOE’s space-based laser communication team achieves high-speed communication between satellites in high orbit, meanwhile, they also realize satellite-ground broadband high speed communication. The terminal breaks through a number of key technologies and performs on-orbit verification, which means China has successfully mastered the core technology of high orbit laser communication. 

Laser communication technology is one of the best solutions for future inter-satellite transmission and networking. Laser communication system uses laser as a signal carrier, and transmits information through modulation and demodulation of laser. It has extremely high information transmission rate, great information capacity, and high communication security. Under the condition of transmitting the same high bit rate, It also has the advantages of small size, light weight and low power consumption


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