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IOE Provides an Important ‘Puzzle’ to Smart Airport

Recently, Sichuan Zhongke Chengguang Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of IOE, has applied its 2D precision tracking control platform (optical turntable) and other related scientific and technological achievements to civil aviation field, which will be used to build smart airport. With the characteristics of high precision, high reliability, high environmental adaptability and maintenance free, this optical turntable can ensure the safety of aircraft taking off and landing. The optical turntable can be used for real-time inspection of foreign bodies on the runway when the aircraft is taking off or landing. 


Figure 1. 2D precision tracking control platform (optical turntable, image source: IOE). 

At the same time, the 8m antenna turntable system and 5m antenna turntable system developed by this company can be used in airport primary and secondary radar systems. The antenna turntable system plays an important role in airport radar operation control and safety. It’s going to be one of the key products to replace imported equipments. 

Next, IOE will try to apply its photoelectric detection and tracking technology to airport foreign object detection, aircraft tracking, drone and bird monitoring. They will build an industrial technology innovation chain and pay more attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, contributing to the construction of smart airports and civil aviation powers. 

IOE has joined the Civil Aviation Smart Airport Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance in 2019. The alliance was established under the auspices of the Civil Aviation Administration, aiming to integrate industry-related advantages, promote efficient integration of production, education and research. Through these measures, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements will be promoted too. 


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