IOE’s New Product: Utility-Type Deep UV Lithography

Recently, a utility-type deep lithography (Mask Aligner) has been developed by the Microelectronic Dedicated Equipment R&D team in IOE, with a wavelength of 254nm and resolution up to 500 nm. Due to its high efficiency, low cost and easy to use, Mask aligner becomes one of the most widely used lithography equipment. In the existing micro-nano processing technology, the working light band is one of the important factors determining the lithography resolution. For a long time, the resolution of the domestic Mask aligner using the ultraviolet band (350nm to 450nm) has just been processed to 1μm or more. As a result, micro-nano device replication of 200nm to 1μm can only use imported UV projection lithography. Further, to achieve the lithography resolution below 200nm, we had to use imported deep UV projection lithography. The device is the first commercialized deep UV lithography machine. It can efficiently copy devices above 500nm at low cost, so it brings high social and economic benefits.

In order to meet the needs of the market, the team has put forward innovative ways to solve many problems, for example, low-cost deep ultraviolet light source, deep ultraviolet high homogeneous uniform light technology, new deep ultraviolet film coating technology and aspheric collimation technology. By replacing the filter module, the equipment can realize the band switching between UV, MUV, and DUV. Meanwhile, based on the URE-2000 series UV lithography (made by IOE, has sold 550, of which more than 30 for exporting), the device is equipped with many functions for users to choose or custom, such as high-precision alignment module, vacuum exposure mode, double-sided exposure mode, nano-imprint mode, proximity mode, digital setting exposure gap. Not only meeting the needs of different lithography process, also, the device is high automatic and easy to operate, with a nice appearance. The development of this equipment is benefited from the combination of lithographic process requirements and equipment R&D, and opening up bright market prospects.

Through the demand communication with potential users and process exploration, the team from IOE has achieved the direct writing lithography of high aspect ratio structure on photosensitive glass (FOTURANII) by using MDV (the Peak wavelength is 310nm). Several devices of this type have been sold. Meanwhile, a cooperation agreement has been reached between IOE and Germany SCHOTT (SCHOTT) company.

Figure (a) the picture of the device, Figure (b) the output spectrum curve of the device.

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