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The Successful Convening of 2019 Optoelectronic Youth Forum and OEA Editorial Committee Enlargended Meeting

The 2019 Optoelectronic Youth Forum and Opto-Electronic Advance (OEA) Editorial Committee Enlarged Meeting was successfully convened in Xiamen from July 15 to 18. The forum was co-sponsored by IOE (CAS), Optical Manufacturing Technology Committee of Chinese Optical Society and Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS. 

During the Optoelectronic Youth Forum, RAO ChangHui, the vice-director of IOE (CAS), made a speech on behalf of the organizers. RAO pointed out that, with the country's in-depth implementation of innovation-driven development strategy in recent years, China's scientific and technological innovation has entered a period of accelerated development. He expected that the young scientists and technicians present here can learn the frontier technology in optoelectronic field, strengthen technical cooperation and exchanges. He considered that photoelectric technology will play an important role in the process of building an innovative country and a world-class technology power. 

In the OEA editorial committee enlarged meeting, HONG MingHui, the executive editor of OEA, reviewed the work done by the editorial committee in the past year on manuscripts, publishing, publicity and impact improvement of the journals. The editorial board agreed that OEA has made great progress in expanding the international editorial board and inviting manuscripts in the past year. They also discussed and put forward some suggestions on how to ensure the quality of the paper, how to promote the journal, to carry out cooperation, and to improve the influence of the paper. 

The meeting enhanced the external cooperation and exchanges of IOE, promoted the influence of the Institute and expanded the impact of the OEA at home and abroad. The participants gave a high praise to the forum. They thought the forum should continue and expand its participation, let more scientists participate and promote the development of optoelectronic field. 


The meeting venue. (Image credit: IOE) 


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