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IOE's Topographic Camera Help Change-4 Probe Detect the Back of the Moon

Recently, Change-4 probe lands in the Von Carmen crater, the Antarctic-Aitken Basin on the moonback. Change-4 is the first human detector soft landing on the moon. As a main load of the payload subsystem in Change-4, the topographic camera developed by IOE successfully obtains the high resolution images of the landing terrain, accomplishes the engineering task of monitoring the moonback patrol movement of YuTu II. 

After landing on the moonback, the topographic camera takes the first color image of YuTu II on the moon, obtains a 360° ring-shot color high-definition panoramic mosaic image of Aitken Basin. The completion of mutual shooting task between two devices announces that Change-4 mission acquires a complete success.

说明: http://www.ioe.ac.cn/xwdt/kydt/201901/W020190118541398938246.jpg 

Figure 1. The ring-shot panorama obtained by the topographic camera. 

The research group scientifically calibrates the camera image color, geometry, irradiation and other parameters to ensure the fidelity of camera image data. They design a fast intelligent exposure algorithm for moon-back scenes and moon-backlit environments with limited on-orbit computing resource, improving the adaptability of lunar surface illumination imaging. They use multiple ways to dissipate heat and effectively ensure the success of lunar scientific imaging. 

The images obtained by the topographic camera reappears the geomorphological scene of the lunar back, helps scientists study the scientific issues such as the origin of the moon. 

说明: http://www.ioe.ac.cn/xwdt/kydt/201901/W020190118543134368332.jpg 

Figure 2. The topographic camera research group. 

In the following work, IOE will pay more effort on the research of space science camera and help human beings explore the vast universe. 


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