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IOE Developed the First All-attitude Gyro North Seeker in China

With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation, Dr. Wang Dazhi, the General Laboratory of Micro-electronics Equipment of IOE, has successfully developed the first all-attitude Gyro North Seeker in China. 

Gyro North Seeker is an autonomous inertial north-seeking instrument, which is primarily used to determine the aiming and measuring azimuth reference for a specific system. Generally, a normal gyro north seeker needs to work at a horizontal state and cannot seek north when it is tilted, which forms its traditional working mode of "leveling first and then seeking north". However, leveling is time-consuming and difficult, especially for high precision and rapid leveling of the large vehicle platform. For a long time, people are committed to developing better and more accurate leveling systems, but the results are not satisfactory. 

The project team of IOE adopted the innovative idea of "directly seeking north without leveling", breaking through the traditional working mode, and developed an all-attitude gyro north seeker with high precision in a wide tilting range. The successful development of this instrument has filled the domestic technical gap of tilting north seeking and has a significant technological advance in the field of inertial north seeking in China. It is of great significance to realize the high-precision maneuver aiming and measurement for the country. 

Now, the project team is actively promoting the further application of the instrument and seeking technical transformation of related achievements. 

说明: http://www.ioe.ac.cn/xwdt/kydt/201712/W020171214567096853859.png 

All-attitude Gyro North Seeker 

说明: http://www.ioe.ac.cn/xwdt/kydt/201712/W020171214567096863775.png 

说明: http://www.ioe.ac.cn/xwdt/kydt/201712/W020171214567096864241.png 

Scale factor simulation results of he tilting north-seeking azimuth. 



(WANG DaZhi)


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