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IOE Progresses in Beam Stability Control of Moving Platform

As the core component of optical precision tracking control system, fast steering mirror(FSM) has been widely used in long range laser communication, AO, space telescope system and other cutting-edge optical systems. With its application area expanding, FSM has been mounted on spacecraft, aircraft, car and other moving platforms gradually. The disturbances from the base on the moving platforms are transmitted to the surface of FSM directly, leading to the reduction of the stable tracking accuracy of the deflection beam, extremely degrading the performance of the system. The disturbances on the moving carrier are broadband, and the anti-disturbance capability of the traditional control method is limited, so the higher requirements for the stability control can’t be achieved.

The team led by Ren Ge and Mao Yao makes progress in beam precision and stability control of the FSM on the moving platforms. Ren Ge and Mao Yao work in the IOE’S Key Laboratory of Beam Control. They propose a FSM control method based on estimation compensation for the disturbance acceleration, and an enhanced disturbance observer control method based on acceleration measurement, respectively. The two approaches enhance the capability of active disturbance isolation for the system, improving the tracking control performance. The research results have been published on the Journal of Sensors and IEEE Photonics.

The research is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other projects.

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