TruTag Launches Hinalea Imaging Division to Focus on Hyperspectral Imaging

TruTag Technologies (Kapolei, HI), a supplier of product authentication and brand security solutions, launched its new HinaLea Imaging business unit. HinaLea Imaging is a technology solutions provider that develops complete hyperspectral imaging solutions both directly and on behalf of strategic partners to address specific problems across a variety of industries, including medical diagnostics, precision agriculture, and the quality assurance of food and consumer goods.

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"Over the last several years, we have amassed significant experience coupling state-of-the-art hyperspectral imaging engines with classification and machine learning algorithms to solve problems for our product identity business. It has become apparent that this expertise can be leveraged far beyond its original intended use. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we are spinning-off HinaLea as a new business unit," said Michael Bartholomeusz, CEO of TruTag Technologies.

HinaLea says it developed the world's first high-resolution, handheld autonomous hyperspectral camera, the model 4100, which was awarded the SPIE Best Camera and Imager Prism Award in 2017. HinaLea plans to follow up on this success by launching the 4300 series later this year, which will add flexibility to expand the range of applications for its technology. The new 4300 series will include interchangeable optics and new illumination options while retaining the innovative design and ease of use that has become a trademark of current products.

To support the business growth, HinaLea recently added three richly experienced executives: Alexandre Fong (Director of Hyperspectral Imaging), Janette Wilson (US Sales Director), and Kevin Lynch (European Sales Director). HinaLea is also investing heavily in its technical team in 2018 with a view to building a complete user ecosystem to provide functionality and utility to its customer network.

"Cost and a means to interpret the information have been the major barriers to adoption of hyperspectral imaging, and our goal is remove such obstacles and finally unleash the full value of that technology," said Alexandre Fong, director of Hyperspectral Imaging.

TruTag says it has the most advanced precision-fabricated, cGMP nano-porous silica manufacturing operation in the world for a variety of applications and security solutions, including product identity for food, medicine, secure labels and documents. The company’s highly-specialized nano-porous silica particles extend to precision drug delivery systems for the biopharmaceutical industry. TruTag’s nano-fabrication technology platform is complemented by its advanced hyperspectral imaging solutions, which can be applied to a broad array of market applications from medical diagnostics to machine vision.


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