Optical Fabrication and Testing (OF&T)


22 - 26 June 2014

The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA

OF&T, will offer new ideas and concepts for the shaping, smoothing, testing and manufacture of conventional and novel optics/optical systems finding applications in existing and emerging technologies.

The 2014 Optical Fabrication and Testing Topical Meeting (OF&T) will emphasize new ideas, concepts and emerging applications in optics manufacturing and metrology. Hot topics will include the following: fabrication of optics by lasers, molding of micro-optics, deterministic manufacturing of aspheric / conformal / freeform optics, advanced metrology systems and direct slope/curvature measurement, fabrication of optics from novel materials, efficient manufacturing and testing of large optics, new CNC machining processes and advances in finishing science. Papers that describe manufacturing chains from the generation of complex shapes to the fine finishing of surfaces, giving details of the process science, will be especially welcomed.

The OF&T meeting will be held in conjunction with the joint ASPE (American Society for Precision Engineering)/ASPEN (Asian Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology) 
Summer Topical Meeting on the Manufacture and Metrology of Freeform and Off-Axis Aspheric Surfaces

Optical Fabrication and Testing (OF&T)

22 - 26 June 2014

The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA

Topic Categories

Optical Materials 

·         New materials for new applications (composites, plastics, crystals, glasses, lightweight materials, ceramics, carbides, chalcogenides, UV optical materials)

·         Material properties and the response to fabrication processes

2. Grinding and Polishing

·         Grinding, precision grinding, diamond turning and milling, ultrasound assisted machining, vibration assisted polishing, processing of edges

·         New ideas in traditional (pitch) polishing, magnetic field-assisted finishing, ion beam figuring and polishing, fluid-jet polishing, novel finishing processes

·         Abrasives, novel abrasive formulations, abrasive-impregnated pads

3. Figuring and Finishing Science (Laser Processing, etc.)

·         Fabrication or polishing of optics with lasers or concentrated light

·         Tailored slurries through the adjustment of pH and zeta potential

·         Deterministic figuring techniques, mid-to-high spatial frequency error control, and various smoothing approaches during computer controlled optical surfacing

4. Optical Testing and Advanced Metrology Systems

·         Testing for sub-surface damage, homogeneity, form, finish and scratch/dig

·         Measurement, interpretation, and applications of power spectral density

·         New ideas in interferometry, direct slope/curvature measurement

·         Testing aspheric surfaces with and without null-optics, reconfigurable nulls

·         Computer-generated holograms and spatial light modulators for testing

·         Absolute tests for flats, spheres and aspheres

·         New concepts in profilometry: optical and mechanical probes

·         Testing of very small optics

·         White light interferometry, fringe projection metrology, deflectometry

·         Testing in adverse environments: vibration, turbulence, vacuum, and space

·         In-process metrology

·         Testing of freeform surfaces

5. Assembly, Alignment, Contamination Control, Cleaning, Packaging 

·         Adhesives and cements for elevated, ambient and low temperature

·         Stable joining of optical surfaces by optical contacting, direct bonding or laser welding

·         Alignment of optical components and systems containing aspheric elements

·         Alignment of multi-element mirrors

·         Measurement and control of deformation and stress birefringence in mounting

·         Cleaning optics, clean rooms and contamination control

·         Handling and packaging of precision optics

6. Process Engineering 

·         Glass and plastic (micro) molding to high surface accuracy and low surface roughness

·         Cost effective optics manufacturing processes

·         Engineering gradient index optics

·         Cost effective fabrication of aspheric surfaces

·         Automation of the manufacturing chain in optics fabrication

·         Good and bad experiences from the shop floor

7. Fabricating Next Generation Optical Systems (Freeform Optics, etc.)

·         Photolithography optics

·         Adaptive optics

·         Integrated optics

·         Freeform optical systems and industrial manufacturing

8. Large Optics

·         Fabrication and testing of large optics for EUV and x-ray applications

·         Large optics for earth-based and space-based astronomy

9. Nanostructures and Films

·         Characterization of coatings for advanced laser optics

·         Nanostructures on optical surfaces

10. Education and Training in Optics Metrology and Finishing Science 

·         Uncertainty and traceability

·         Interpretation of metrics for optical surface characterization

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