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First on-sky Demonstration of the Piezoelectric Adaptive Secondary Mirror

Author(s): Guo, YM (Guo, Youming); Zhang, A (Zhang, Ang); Fan, XL (Fan, Xinlong); Rao, CH (Rao, Changhui); Wei, L (Wei, Ling); Xian, H (Xian, Hao); Wei, K (Wei, Kai); Zhang, XJ (Zhang, Xiaojun); Guan, CL (Guan, Chunlin); Li, M (Li, Min); Zhou, LC (Zhou, Luchun); Jin, K (Jin, Kai); Zhang, JB (Zhang, Junbo); Deng, JJ (Deng, Jijiang); Zhou, LF (Zhou, Longfeng); Chen, H (Chen, Hao); Zhang, XJ (Zhang, Xuejun); Zhang, YD (Zhang, Yudong)
Source: OPTICS LETTERS  Volume: 41  Issue: 24  Pages: 5712-5715  DOI: 10.1364/OL.41.005712  Published: DEC 15 2016 
Abstract: We propose using a piezoelectric adaptive secondary mirror (PASM) in the medium-sized adaptive telescopes with a 2-4 m aperture for structure and control simplification by utilizing the piezoelectric actuators in contrast with the voice-coil adaptive secondary mirror. A closed-loop experimental setup was built for on-sky demonstration of the 73-element PASM developed by our laboratory. In this Letter, the PASM and the closed-loop adaptive optics system are introduced. High-resolution stellar images were obtained by using the PASM to correct high-order wavefront errors in May 2016. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first successful on-sky demonstration of the PASM. The results show that with the PASM as the deformable mirror, the angular resolution of the 1.8 m telescope can be effectively improved. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America
IDS Number: EF5XQ
ISSN: 0146-9592
eISSN: 1539-4794

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