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LIN Xiangdi

Mr. LIN Xiangdi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and research professor, took part in job in 1956. Now he is the Deputy Director of Academic Council of the State Key Laboratory of Optical Technologies for Microfabrication in IOE, CAS (The Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Science). He is a standing member of the Chinese Optical Society, the Deputy Director of the Vehicle Monitoring and Control Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Astronautics, the Honorary Chairman of the Optical Society of Sichuan, China, the Deputy Director of the Sichuan Science and Technology Advisory Panel, member of science and technology consultants of Chengdu, and member of SPIE.

Mr. LIN Xiangdi is one of main pioneers for the engineering research on optical & opto-electronic measurement system in China, one of the famous leaders and experts in the field of opto-electronic engineering. He led and participated in development work of many state key projects for optical and opto-electronic measuring system. In 1959, it was first time that he carried out optical measurement engineering research, proposed a complete method for error analysis, and set up a mathematical model to solve the engineering precision allocation and tolerance budget problem in China. This method and the mathematical model have become a basic method of precision distribution for such systems and still being widely used in China.

Mr. LIN Xiangdi was awarded the title of National Outstanding Contributed Middle-aged and Young Experts in 1986. He honored as an advanced worker of National 863 Program and advanced worker of Chinese Academy of Sciences during Seventh-Five Years Plan. He won the Special Grade Prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Awards , the Second Grade Prize of Guanghua Technology Fund, and Science and Technology Advancement awards of Chinese Academy of Sciences including the first, the second and the third gradesfor four times. He is an academic technology leader in Sichuan Province, enjoying Special Government Allowances of the State Council in China.


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